Dachau Memorial Tour (concentration camp)


´This was but a prelude. Where books are burnt human beings will be burnt in the end.´ – German poet Heinrich Heine.

Arguably the most gruesome result of Hitler’s rise to power was the building of the concentration and extermination camps. One of the first of these was situated 15km to the north west of Munich near Dachau. In 1965 a memorial to the victims was created, giving visitors a chance to learn of the atrocities prisoners were forced to suffer. On this tour we guide you around the cells, barracks and gas chamber and explain the meaning behind the pictures and exhibits in the museum with thought-provoking accounts of prisoners’ own experiences from the setting up of the camp until their liberation by US-forces in 1945.

Note: We are officially qualified and authorized by the Dachau Memorial site to conduct tours at the site, unlike some other operators who only provide an escort service and audio guide. Please consider this when deciding which company to join.

The memorial site in Dachau is packed with school groups in the morning from May – July and in Sept + Oct.. We recommend the afternoon tour at 01:15 pm during those months. The groups are smaller and there are less visitors on the site.


No tours anymore in 2020


Where ?
The tour starts on Marienplatz right in front of the Tourist Information in the Gothic town Hall,
see map on page meeting point.
It last approx. 4 1/2 – 5 hours and ends at the main train station ( Hauptbahnhof ).
Please note : the 20-minutes documentary film as well as the site in generel is
not recommended for children under 12.

How much ?
28,00 €, under 26 and 67  years old 26,00 €.
The price includes the public transport cost.
For school groups 280,00 € without

For groups
Pick your own time + date, even at short notice.