Coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations

Dear Customers,
Great to have you back.
Although we are unable to provide you our usual services
right now, we are still able to offer you a hand in making
your holidays in Munich special. If you need help planning
your stay in Munich, do contact us. We would be happy to
help you find your way around town and to organise your
day to make the most of your visit.
To participate in the Dachau, Beer & Brewery,
and Bavarian Food tours, where we also go indoors,
you need to be either:
– fully vaccinated for corona with one of the officially
approved vaccines in the EU such as: BioNTech/Pfizer,
Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson or
– provide a negative rapid test result not older than
24 hours (please note that the turnaround time for a
rapid test is about an hour depending on demand), or
– provide a medical certification that you have
successfully recovered from a corona infection